Massage and Body Treatments

We take great joy in providing amazing massage at Devine Serenity. We make all preparations that will ensure your massage is one to be bragged about to all that will listen.


Your indulgence begins the moment you arrive with relaxation time to enjoy a herbal tea coffee, . This gives you the chance to take a moment to yourself enjoy a cuppa and leave the cares of the day behind.
You are then escorted into a beautifully ambient room to enjoy your selection of…


30 Minute Massage          $45

60 Minute Massage          $75

90 minute Massage          $100

Heavenly Hot Rock  60 minutes   $110

A beautifully indulgent treatment using Basalt (volcanic) Hot Rocks placed onto chakra points on the body while working stones are used to massage away, tension, stress, acid build up and toxins.

Hot Rock Indulgence   90 minutes  $150

k3875007 Massage and Body Treatments

This treatment is a beautiful treatment including the heavenly hotrock treatment as well as a full body exfoliation you will need the rest of the day off to enjoy your state of complete bliss.

Body Polishing  30 Minutes    $50

A stimulating full body exfoliation with hot towel removal, body brushing    and a nourishing body balm to leave the skin bright and simply glowing.

Clay Body Wrap 30 Minutes   $60

Dead sea clay is warmed and efflouraged over the skin. The body is then wrapped in plastic and left for the clay to draw impurities from the skin, as well as leaving minerals and trace elements for the skin to draw nourishment.