Hair Removal

/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Brows6.jpg” width=”170″ height=”134″ />Devine Serenity offers both hot and strip waxing techniques. Both are effective at hair removal, however the hot waxing technique is gentler on the skin with less skin irritation than that of strip waxing.

Hot waxing is recommended over strip waxing for anyone with reactive or sensitive skins, Delicate areas, or first time waxers. It is a more time consuming wax technique and this is reflected in the pricing.

Every hair follicle will be in varying (3) stages of the Hair growth cycle. It is of highest importance that you understand your homecare responsibilities to achieve the smoothest result possible.  We will require your assistance in achieving waxing perfection.

Rules to great waxing results…

Please notify your therapist prior to treatment if you have experienced Sunburn, using medications including anti biotics, roacutane, Retinol skin treatments, cancer treatment broken skin, bruising, swelling, varicose veins as any of the above contra indications can alter or postpone the treatment.


Before your Waxing Treatment

  • Please ensure hair is not less than ¼- ½ inch long as your waxing appointment will be rescheduled.
  • Throw away your Razor
  • Exfoliate regularly before wax and  (2-3 times per week) in between waxes but not within 3 days after wax  treatment.
  • Trim crazy curlies or long luscious locks but not less than ½ inch (this will prevent unnecessary discomfort.)

At time of Treatment…

  • Ensure you arrive 10 mins prior appointment.
  • Dare to be Bare… after Brazilian waxing we recommend you go commando or at very least wear loose fitting natural fibre clothing and underwear for all waxing treatments this helps prevent irritation and sweating.
  • You may be requested to assist  within your treatment to support the skin, this is to provide you with the most comfortable experience to improve results and minimise pain.
  • Your therapist will wear gloves performing waxing treatments please advise if you have latex or any other product  allergies.
  • We have a great range of post wax homecare to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, soothe the area, and keep skin clean, soft and healthy. It is adviseable to purchase the homecare pack on your first visit.

Post Wax

  • Be aware of S rule within 48 hours of waxing absolutely NO SEX, SAUNA, SWEATING, SWIMMING, SPA and SUN. Choosing to ignore this rule can result in folliculitis (infected follicles), sun burn, rashes, redness, stinging, itching etc.
  • Loose natural fibre clothing is advisable for a couple of days after waxing
  • Ensure Home care use is vigilant, as it does nothing sitting in your cupboard but take up space.