Devine Serenity Product Review for Flur De Mur Tinted Sunscreen.

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banner26  Devine Serenity Product Review for Flur De Mur Tinted Sunscreen.

Scorching summer days are just around the corner, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the Flur De Mur Tinted SPF 50.

This has to be hands down one of my absolute favourite products! This light weight sunscreen has recently had a makeover of it’s own, now offering a SPF of 50 from the previous 30SPF formulation. This improvement has not altered the consistancy or coverage at all and has simply improved the legth of time you are protected and increased the percentage of UV Rays filtered.

This product comes in a range of 3 tints Light, Soft Medium and Medium, as well as the untinted clear (Perfect for the kids, men or those that dont like makeup). The coverage is fabulous and with this buildable product you can get a surprisingly good coverage for pigment and scarring. The colours blend together beautifully to get a greater colour range, and can still be finished with a bronzer or setting powder. I love that my skin feels light and make up free with this product, while looking fabulous. ( I always get compliments on my make up and skin when wearing it.) This product protects the skin from UVA (Skin Aging) Rays as well as the UVB (Skin Burning) Rays, and is water resistant making it your pre workout or swimming must have. Of course we still recomend avoiding the harsh UV Rays between 10am and 3pm (or 6am and 5pm if you are fair like me and turn into ripe tomato after 30 mins of moderate sun). Please don’t forget the Hat, broad spectrum sunnies to protect the only 2 eyes you have and try keep to the shade.

With sun damage being the number one contributing factor to prematurely aged skin and Cancer in Australia, this product without a doubt should be in every persons  summer skin care kit. Try it once and fall in love with it forever more…

We are offering complimantary samples to every client so call and book your colour match and collect your sample today!

Protect your skin this summer for only $49.00

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