Brow Artistry by Devine Serenity


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Before a consult at Devine Serenity.

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After a consult at Devine Serenity.

Beautiful brows can enhance the whole face, they can create a bold statement, create delicate subtle beauty, or clean defined elegance.

Gone are the days of looking through magazines, longing for beautifully crafted eyebrows.

There are three simple steps to getting your brows on the way to Hollywood Glamour.

Step 1  Let your brows grow in as best as you can tolerate.

Step 2  Contact Devine Serenity and book your first consult for Brow Artistry.

Step 3  Learn how to care for your brows with our personalised homecare kit and tuition.


We have scoured the net for some beautiful brow images, as you can see none of them are absolutely perfect without the use of brow powders, pencils gels etc. Beautiful brows may still have imperfections and that is ok as long as you get the best possible brow out of what you have and the knowledge of how to maintain it you too will have beautiful glamorous brows.

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